Curriculum & Co-Curriculum


Our school aims at providing practical education which is most essential for the over all development for the students. Our students should face all the challenges that come across in their life. In this point of view we are moving in serving the society.


  • To make educations comfortable and easy to rural children, trained and qualified teachers are appointed.
  • To reach the CBSE syllabus and CCE patterns, in each and every class rooms we have projectors, computer with internet connections.
  • We conduct activity based classes for the overall development of the students.
  • For each subject separate labs like English Lab, Math Lab, Computer Lab and Science Lab.
  • Huge Library for the students and teachers to refer beyond their syllabus.
  • We also have abacus classes for the child’s development in the field of mathematics.


  • Montessori method of teaching.
  • A system of continues Informal Evaluation. Based on Concept teaching. Them worksheets, Entry & Exit observations
  • An innovative child-centric approach emphasis on understanding child’s memory, creative, concentration level, Involvement in concept.


Along the Curriculum Co-Curriculum also very essential to students. So on that view every Saturday school is conducting KARATE, MARSHELL ARTS, MUSIC, DANCE, SATHSANG, INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, YOGA Classes by trained professionals to students.
In the beginning of every year the school will plan the whole year event called the Event plan, which consists of all the event going to be conducted in that academic year along with the holiday , assessment and results. This event plan will be separate for pre-primary and primary and it will issued to all the parents on the school reopening itself, so that even the parents can train the students any events. All the major events like Environmental day, Doctors Day, World Population Day, World First Aid Day, Global Warming Day, Children’s Day, Independence Day, Republic Day etc... will be celebrated in different ways . Our school intensions are to give the knowledge about all the event to students through activities and practice.
Good environment makes all living beings to live happily. World Environment Day was celebrated on the 6th June Saturday to create the awareness among the students about saving our environment and also growing more and more plants. All the students from PKG to 8th students sow the seeds and planted the saplings. Our students went on procession with placards and also with the slogans. Our students gifted the fruits saplings to the nearby farmers and also to the people of Kanakapura. By this our students created awareness among the people to plant and also not to cut the trees. A skit is also presented by higher class students related to environment awareness.
Child labor is an offence; children are being exploited by the landlords and also owners of the factories and hotels. It is already prohibited all over India. To create the awareness among the students a skit was performed by our students to show how children are compelled to work at their young age in factories, hotels etc.
MTIS is not only conducting activities and events for the students and the school parents, we are also conducting Ladies Club for our school ladies, parents and ladies of rural area farmer family and other ladies of the town. Every month we will have meeting about new developments and about what the ladies can do. We will also make them to interact with different specialists like doctors, dieticians, child psychologists, crockery items, hand craft and waste material management specialists so that they can learn this and develop their skills. We will also discuss about the rural area developments for framer, plantation and Health and Hygiene issues in their area. We do all this and many other events so that we can develop the village ladies and groom up in their life.